100km HD Wireless Transmitter with Video and Data Transmission , RS232 / RS485 Control

100km Sea Surface HD Wireless Transmitter with Video and Data Transmission , RS232 / RS485 Control


Description of COFDM Wireless video transmitter:

The KP-CM40H is a powerful COFDM digital video data transmitter from Kimpok. With latest COFDM modulation, narrow-band, and H.264 encoder technology as its code, the KP-CM40H COFDM HD video voice digital transmitter sends high definition images ideal for establishing rugged wireless video links in different environments, like mobile and urban environments. The high power and high definition make the KP-CM40H COFDM video transmitter ideal for large UAV super long range video communication and mobile vehicle to vehicle, or mobile vehicle to command center building wireless video communication applications, enabling true long range HD video data transmission.



1080P high quality video images transmission Strong safety with AES user-defined passwords
40Watts high power and low latency Support NLOS and fast moving environments but still in stable signals transmission
Easy operation by digital panel configuration, and LCD display voice + video + data long range transmission
Designed in military-grade level H.264 Video coding

Transmitter configuration panel:



Voltage DC28V
Bandwidth 2/2.5/4/8MHz
Frequency video 300MHz-900MHz stepped in 1MHz; other Frequency can be customized
Frequency data 150MHz or other band
Modulation COFDM 2K
RF power 40W
FEC 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 7/8
Guard interval 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4
Video port BNC and SDI or HDMI
Data port RS232/485
Video resolution 1080P/i & 720P/i
Video coding H.264
Video format PAL/NTSC
Encryption AES128/256bits
Dimension 490*450*90mm
Weight 16kg
Parameter setting user manually setting via LCD display

Standard Receiver:







COFDM Video Transmitter

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